For what reason Did ‘Brothers’ Bomb In the cinema world? First off, It’s a Romantic comedy


Billy Eichner’s General upheld gay romantic comedy Brothers made a small $4.8 million in the cinematic world in its opening weekend. Falling shy of industry projections and its own star’s expectations. “Even with shining surveys, extraordinary Spoiled Tomatoes scores, A Cinema Score etc. And that is disheartening yet what will be will be,” Eichner tweeted on Sunday. “That is only the world we live in, unfortunately. “Citing factors like the film’s R rating, disappearing crowd interest in romantic comedies, and an absence of recognizable star power. The film’s end of the week film industry numbers — in any event, when contrasted with its moderately humble $22 million budget. “We truly need to confront the truth that homophobia is an element for certain crowds,” Robbins says.

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