Khloe Kardashian Applauds Back After She’s Blamed For Posting and Erasing Photoshopped Pic


Khloe says she never posted the picture on her feed. “I never at any point posted this photograph,” she demanded. “Perhaps my glitz did yet I didn’t. Likewise I mean… the twisted lines in the back haha please. “She finished up the message with a crying snickering emoticon. When fans called Khloe out for faulting her glitz group for the obvious disaster, she answered once more. “Wait not sayin my glitz group did that possibly, I’m trying to say I didn’t post this photograph on my page. Khloe’s tweet was in light of a fan that was coming to her safeguard. The fan called attention to that no one had shared any screen captures of the post ON Khloe’s Instagram feed. Khloe tweeted that she had taken Consistent with Disneyland interestingly for her fourth birthday celebration. Khloe realized she’d been gotten. “Welllp, I f***ed this one up,” she tweeted at that point.

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