Dolphins CB Byron Jones not prepared to fall off Little guy


The Miami Dolphins have had a greater part of their protective starters on the field through the initial a month of the time, yet cornerback Byron Jones has been recognizably absent. Jones went through offseason Achilles medical procedure which eventually landed him on the Puppy rundown to begin the season. This implied that Jones wouldn’t play through Week 4 and would be qualified to make his presentation in Sunday’s matchup. However, as per lead trainer Mike McDaniel, Jones isn’t prepared to get back to action. “Byron won’t start the 21-day,” McDaniel said. “We’re actually going to take as much time as is needed with it. We are serious about what we say, I won’t put a fella on the field except if he has total solidness. If jones return to practice he would have have 21 day window where he did have to be activated.

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